Truckee River:

The Truckee River flows for approximately 120 miles from the outlet of Lake Tahoe to the inlet of Pyramid Lake.  It is known for its diversity of pocket water, pools, riffles, flats, and long runs which all hold wild beautiful trout waiting to take a chance at your fly. Hunter's guided zones start from below the town of Truckee to the Stateline of Nevada.  Within this section lay some of the biggest baddest trout the West has to offer.  The average fish run between 14”-20” but it is not uncommon to hook into something that might scare you.  Don't expect fish in numbers but expect a humbling learning curve that may reward you a fish of a lifetime.

Little Truckee River:

The guided section of the Little Truckee is a beautiful creek like setting that flows between Stampede and Boca Reservoirs.  Being a tailwater, the temperature of the river stays fairly consistent year round.  This provides a healthy abundance of bug life and hatches which are the vital ingredient for the stunning trout the system produces.  Average fish range from 16-20" with some reaching much greater proportions.  A favorite way to approach the river is with dry flies, however all technique produce fish to entertain everyone's comfort level.  Expect incredible fishing in Winter, Spring, and Fall,  while summer is known for its prolific hatches.