Blake Hunter


      Born and Raised in Lake Tahoe California, Blake Hunter is a Truckee River local with 17 years of expert fly fishing experience.  He has had the chance to fish some of the most technical trophy trout fisheries the U.S. has to offer.  He's taken this knowledge and brought it to what some call THE most difficult river to fish in the country.  Don't let this discourage you.  Blake has developed skills and techniques to trick these finicky Truckee River trout and gives clientele of every skill level the opportunity of catching the fish of a lifetime.  He will show you new age rigging methods that are the most effective in any given scenario.   Blake will be there every step of the way; fine-tuning your cast, matching the hatch, and locating the fish for you.  A favorite past time for Blake is tying and perfecting flies known to produce some major hookups.  Successfully netting a beast in the Truckee is a different story, but the joy and adrenaline you will get from hooking into a wild and powerful Truckee River trout will land you an experience you won't soon forget.  No matter what your skill,  Blake will find a way to entertain and teach you proper fly fishing tactics that are a must when presenting your fly.  Fly Fishing is a great addiction to write home about and Blake is more than willing to assist in your progression.