Truckee River Fishing Report

    Morning Fishing will be your friend.  Finding good water before the crowds join in will amplify your success.  Expect a good mid morning bite when the bugs start popping.  Pay attention to the bugs flying around and throw the nymph versions of those.  We're talking PMDs, Caddis, Green Drakes, and Yellow Sallies.  Get down, deep, and heavy on them.  On the indicator fish a long leader, tons of weight, and drag those bugs.  ESN, throw a big heavy anchor fly with something smaller above on a tag end.  Streamer fishing is pretty much done until the water temps drop again or the flows get a boost. Fish are spread out through the whole system.  Expect more fish in pocket water and fast isolated riffles.  Wading out to reach some of these fish can be a little sketchy but the reward is there. 


    Water is dropping and the getting clearer by the day.  When the sun pops you may want to downsize your tippet.    If you like dry fly fishing either hit the Little Truckee or find some slick water on the big river right before dark. If you are looking for a Guide trip during these hot summer months, I usually limit my parties to two people for a half day or even 6 hours.  I like to get after the fish before water temps reach a level of harming the beautiful trout we have.  There is limited water to productively fish this time of year, so having 3 people is not ideal.  If you insist on the bigger party everyone can just take turns fishing the good stuff.


    In other news, theres a new fly shop in town!  Check them out!!   Trout Creek Outfitters located next door to Marty's Cafe in downtown Truckee.  Couple awesome guys running the place and a great fly selection.  Other items are limited due to backorders but the store is quickly progressing.  Refreshing to have an actual shop in town.


   If you found yourself reading this page, thanks for tuning into my fist fishing report/blog post.  More to come and feel free to reach out with more questions.

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