Truckee River Fishing Report (California)

    Been a great summer so far on the Truckee River.  This time of year we always expect the numbers to come down a bit.  Good news is the fish are fat and healthy and if you're fishing the right setup in the right water you can still find the big ones.  Brown Trout seem to have come out of their hiding places a bit more as of late because we've hooked some big ones the past couple weeks in some fast bubbly water.  Most have ended up coming loose or even breaking off.  It's one story to hook them, but a whole other getting them to the net.  When you're new to fly fishing and hook a big fish on this river, expect all rational decisions to go out the window.  Never easy chasing down a pig on this rugged terrain.  


    This time of year you need to work a lot of river to find what you are looking for.  Expect to be moving quickly and fishing a lot of water if you book a trip with me.  That being said, you will see more success if you follow that guideline.  Personally,  I don't have the patience to sit a watch the same pocket getting casted on over and over again.    Tough wading can make a trip a little more exhausting but it will be worth it by the end.


    Bug life is pretty slow right now.  We're getting most of our fish on the big stuff.  Nocturnal stones are starting to show up and thats a good bet to throw on you line.  Always throw something small with it though.  Still landing some good ones with those bugs.  This month is tough,  but if you're devoted to sweating your but off to get a couple good tugs it is worth while.  Please carry a thermometer.   67 degrees is ok, 68 is pushing it, and anything above that you should leave and come back early in the morning.   A few fellow guides have seen some big dead trout lately and theres a good chance it was from mishandling and fishing when water temps were too high.  


    Thats all for now.   Thanks for tuning in.

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