Truckee River Fishing Report (California Side)

   Weather has been almost unbearably hot, but still decently cool in the early mornings.  Finally a little monsoonal flow has relieved the heat with some solid afternoon thunderstorms.  Even seeing a bump in flows and water changing color on a few of those days.  This gets the fish excited and we've had some big number days to prove it.  When that color change happens you can get lucky with a big bite on a streamer.  Same bugs as the last post with the same techniques.  Caddis, any Mayfly variation, Yellow Sallies, Stones, and Crayfish.  Get down and deep with them and you'll find some fish.


   Still been tough hooking and landing the big browns as always on the Cali side this time of year, but we've had a few heartbreakers.  The big numbers of fat fired up rainbows will keep you plenty entertained.  The 18+ inchers will kick your ass and thats what makes this river so awesome.  Keep those fish wet the best you can and don't have them out of the water for more than a couple seconds.  The water temps can be hard on them this time of year so carry a thermometer.  Anything over 67 degrees and you should stop fishing, especially on the Nevada Side.  I would go straight hoot owl rules down there right now and stop fishing at the latest 12:00PM.


    There's a few bugs I've been tying up and working on for years that are crushing right now.  I'll show them to you if you book a trip (haha).  Thats all for now. Fingers crossed the flows and water temps stay good for the rest of the summer.  

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